Automatic Post Rescheduling

Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 2 years ago

Sometimes Reddit asks your account to wait 1 to 15 minutes before submitting your post again. This is called "rate limiting." When this happens Postpone will automatically reschedule your posts to submit when its safe, ensuring your account doesn't spam Reddit over and over.

For example, imagine you have 5 posts scheduled to submit at 10:00 am. Postpone attempts to submit the first post and Reddit asks your account to wait 15 minutes. Postpone will reschedule all 5 posts to submit at 10:15 am, since none will succeed until then. This ensures that your account does not continue submitting posts to Reddit even after they've asked you to wait.

Postpone also automatically reschedules posts when Reddit is unavailable. If we attempt to submit your post and receive an error that Reddit servers are unavailable then we will reschedule the posts to try again 10 minutes later. We'll keep retrying every 10 minutes until the posts succeed or we reach your account's Maximum Tries setting.

Keep track of Reddit availability over at

Automatic post rescheduling is one more way that Postpone protects your Reddit accounts so you can schedule posts without worry.

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