Can my account be banned for using Postpone?

Reddit does not ban accounts for using post scheduler apps like Postpone.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 1 year ago

In short: no, your account will not be banned simply for using Postpone.

Postpone is an officially approved third-party Reddit application. Reddit's security team has explicitly "whitelisted" Postpone to ensure users can use the app safely. Postpone also uses all of Reddit's official tools, or APIs, to interact with Reddit on behalf of your account.

Reddit will not ban your account because you use Postpone.

Reddit may still ban or shadow ban your account if you use Postpone to submit spam, break subreddit or site rules, or if moderators often remove your posts. Therefore, it's important to use Postpone wisely and be a good citizen on Reddit.

Here are some tips to be successful on Reddit:

  • Start by reading Postpone's Best Practices to Succeed with Reddit guide.
  • Try to grow your Redditor Score over time.
  • Engage with subreddits by commenting on replies to your posts.
  • Space out your posts.
  • Vary the titles and links you submit.
  • Use the Subreddit Manager to track verification status across subreddits.
  • Read all subreddit rules before submitting posts.
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