Subreddit Post Requirements

Written by Grant - Postpone Founder
Updated 10 months ago

Each subreddit has its own post requirements which govern which posts are accepted and which are automatically rejected. These include requirements such as:

  • Flair required
  • Minimum or maximum title length (e.g. the title must be at least 10 characters or no more than 50 characters)
  • Whitelisted or blacklisted link domains (e.g. no links from are allowed)
  • Whitelisted or blacklisted words in titles (e.g. titles cannot contain the word "NFT" or must contain the words "M" or "F")
  • Link repost age (e.g. the same link cannot be submitted twice within 90 days)

Postpone validates your post against these requirements to ensure it isn't deleted or marked as spam by mods. This further protects your account, as having posts removed as spam by mods increases the chances your account will be shadow-banned by Reddit.

Postpone still allows you to schedule the post, even if it does not meet subreddit requirements. Do this carefully, as it is highly likely your post will be automatically removed after we submit it.

Where are subreddit post requirements validated?

Postpone will validate your posts against subreddit post requirements any time you schedule posts on the:

  1. Schedule a Post page
  2. Bulk Import page
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