How can I upgrade or downgrade my Postpone subscription?

Learn how to change your Postpone plan, plus what happens when you do.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 7 months ago

You can upgrade or downgrade your Postpone subscription at any time. 

If you're on a Free plan and would like to upgrade then head to our Plans page. From there you can choose a plan and subscribe for more Postpone features.

If you're already on a paid Postpone plan then head to Settings > Subscription and click the Manage Subscription button. You'll be taken to Stripe, our billing partner, which you can use to upgrade or downgrade your account, switch to an annual plan, change your billing method, or download invoices.

What happens when I upgrade my Postpone plan?

After upgrading your plan you'll immediately have access to all of the new plan's features, including the limits for connected accounts, scheduled Reddit posts, scheduled Tweets and more.

Postpone will charge your payment method with the difference between your old plan and your new plan. We won't change your billing period, though, so you'll only be charged a prorated amount.

Example Scenario

Let's look at an example of an upgrade.

Imagine you subscribed to the Creator plan for $49 on June 1st. Your plan will renew 30 days later on July 1st.

Halfway through the month (June 16th) you upgrade from Creator ($49) to Ultimate ($99). You will be charged $25 on June 16th when you upgrade. Here's why:

$99 (your new plan price) - $49 (what you've already paid this month) x 0.5 (since you're halfway through your current billing period)

You'll immediately have access to Ultimate plan features after upgrading. Then on July 1st your subscription will renew on the Ultimate plan where you'll pay the new subscription price of $99.

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