Connecting a YouTube Channel to Postpone

Learn how you can connect your YouTube channel to schedule YouTube Shorts.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 1 month ago

With Postpone you can schedule video posts to all of your TikTok accounts

Here's how you can connect your TikTok account to Postpone:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connected Accounts > YouTube on Postpone.
  2. Click Connect a YouTube Channel.
  3. Proceed to log in with your Google account.
    1. Follow the prompts and accept the permissions Postpone requires to submit videos on your behalf and process analytics data.
    2. If you have multiple YouTube Channels then Google will ask which one you would like to connect. 
  4. After accepting the prompts you will be redirected to Postpone with your YouTube channel connected. You can now schedule your YouTube Shorts!
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