Connecting Bluesky Accounts to Postpone

Learn how you can connect your Bluesky account to Postpone.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 3 months ago

Postpone works with all Bluesky accounts.

Here's how you can connect your Bluesky account to Postpone:

  1. First, you'll need to generate an App Password in Bluesky.
    1. Navigate to Bluesky at
    2. Click Settings then scroll down to Advanced and click App passwords (or click here).
    3. Click Add App Password. Give the App Password a name, such as Postpone. Then click Create App Password.
    4. Finally, copy the generated App Password. You will paste this into Postpone when connecting your account.
  2. Next, head back to Postpone.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Connected Accounts > Bluesky on Postpone.
  4. Click Connect a Bluesky Account.
  5. Enter your full Bluesky handle (such as and the App Password you generated in the previous steps. Then click Connect Account.
  6. If your handle and app password are correct then your Bluesky account will be connected. You can now schedule your Bluesky posts and threads!
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