Connecting Reddit Accounts

Safely connect multiple Reddit accounts and schedule posts from any of them.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
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Postpone supports connecting multiple Reddit accounts to your single Postpone account. Once connected you can use any Reddit account to schedule posts, send DMs, or reply to comments.

Not all plans support connecting multiple Reddit accounts. Check out our Pricing Plans to confirm your plan supports connecting more than 1 Reddit Account.

Connecting Reddit Accounts Safely

It is possible for Reddit to link your accounts together. If one account is banned, then Reddit may ban the other accounts, as well.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to avoid Reddit connecting your accounts. These steps are not required, but can help provide additional safety. If your accounts have high Redditor scores, don't submit spam, and don't upvote each others' posts then you should be safe to skip this section.

If you are an agency who manages other people's Reddit accounts then please consider using Postpone's Secure Connect feature to connect Reddit accounts instead. 

(Highly recommended!) Connect your account in an incognito window or private browsing mode 

We recommend connecting each additional Reddit account using an incognito window or private browsing mode. This helps ensure that Reddit cannot link your accounts together in your browser using cookies. To do this, open an incognito window in the browser of your choice. 

Connect your account while using a VPN (optional)

Another step to protect your accounts is to connect additional Reddit accounts while using a VPN. This will give you a new IP address each time you connect a Reddit account. This helps ensure that Reddit cannot link your accounts together on their end using your IP address.

Connecting Additional Reddit Accounts

Follow these steps to add more Reddit accounts to Postpone:

Log into Postpone with email and password

Log into Postpone with your email and password. If you're already logged in then no further steps are required.

When connecting additional Reddit accounts, we recommend opening an incognito browser window and logging in with email and password instead of your primary Reddit account. This helps ensure Reddit does not connect your accounts.
If you log into Postpone with your new Reddit account first then you will create a second Postpone account rather than connecting the accounts together. If this happens then reach out to support via the chat bubble and we'll help you out!

Once logged in head to Settings > Connected Accounts > Reddit.

Log into Reddit

Before going any further, open a separate tab and log into Reddit with the Reddit account you'd like to connect to Postpone.

Connect Accounts

Finally, from Postpone click the Connect Another Reddit Account button. This will send you to Reddit, which will ask if Postpone is allowed to connect to your account. Click "Allow".

You'll be sent back to Postpone with your accounts connect. To confirm this, head to Settings > Connected Accounts > Reddit. From here you should see the newly connected account.

You'll only need to connect each Reddit account once. To connect additional Reddit accounts, follow the steps in this help doc again.

Schedule from Any Account

Now that your accounts are connected you'll have the option to schedule posts from any account. Simply head to the Schedule Post page and pick the account you'd like to submit the post from.

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