Introduction to the Content Library

Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 1 year ago

The Content Library

The Content Library is a feature lets you upload, edit, and organize the content you submit to Reddit—all from within Postpone.

You can upload content directly to the Content Library, take photos or videos with your webcam, or import from 8 sources like Google Drive, Instagram, or Imgur.

With the Content Library you can perform simple edits on your images, such as rotate, mirror, crop, and enhance. You can also add image watermarks or apply filters.

The Content Library also has tools to help you manage and organize your content. Simply apply labels to group content together, then use those labels to filter content while scheduling.

The Content Library also helps you track which content has been used to submit or schedule posts.

Content Library Limits

Each Postpone plan includes limits on the amount of content you can upload. Check out our Plans page to see how much Content Library storage is allowed on each plan, or view Settings -> Subscription to see the limits for the plan you’re subscribed to.

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