Why is DM automation not sending messages?

Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 8 months ago

DM automation will send messages to Redditors upon two triggers:

  1. When the Redditor sends your account a direct message on Reddit.
  2. When the Redditor replies to one of your account’s posts.

If DM automation is not sending messages then there are several possible reasons why that might be happening.

  • You are looking at Reddit chats, not Reddit Inbox DMs.
    • DM automation only works with the Reddit DM Inbox, not chats. Reddit does not provide third party apps like Postpone with access to their Chat feature.
    • Please read this blog post to learn more.
  • The DM automation template is paused.
    • Resolution: Un-pause the DM automation under Inbox > DM Automation.
  • You received messages for one Reddit account but your DM automation is enabled for a different Reddit account.
    • Resolution: Add all of your Reddit accounts to the DM automation.
  • Your account submitted posts with "Send replies to my inbox" turned off.
    • Postpone requires post comments to land in the Reddit account Inbox for DM automation to work.
    • Resolution: Send all future posts with "Send replies to my inbox" enabled. Consider checking off this field globally in Settings > Reddit Post Settings.
  • Your Reddit account has already messaged the Redditor before.
    • DM automation will only ever message a Redditor one time from each Reddit account.
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