5) Discovering the Best Times to Post

Written by Grant - Postpone Founder
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Reddit has over 3 million unique communities, or subreddits, all centered around a specific topic. Each of these subreddits has a unique group of visitors and subscribers from all around the world. For that reason, it's not always clear what days or times are the best to submit a post to a specific subreddit.

That's what Subreddit Analysis attempts to solve.

With Subreddit Analysis, Postpone will recommend the best days and times to submit your posts to a specific subreddit. We do that by analyzing thousands of successful submissions from lots of different users to understand when the subreddit is active and ready to upvote comment.

Using Subreddit Analysis

Head over to Subreddit Analysis to discover the best days and times to post. Enter a Subreddit you’d like Postpone to analyze and click Search. Postpone will look up the subreddit and determine the best times to post.

Use the Best Times to Post heat map to get an overall idea of when users are most online and engaged. The darker the square, the better the time it is to submit posts.

Postpone will also display its top 3 Recommendations of days and times from Subreddit Analysis. You can even quickly schedule a post to the subreddit on the recommended day and time by clicking Schedule a Post.

To get an overall sense of which days are most successful, check out the Top Posts per Day chart.

You can also get an overall sense of the best times, regardless of day, using Top Posts per Hour.

Finally, for inspiration on which terms to use in your post titles, take a look at Post Title Analysis. This word cloud will show you which words other successful posts most often use in submissions to the subreddit.

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