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Reddit has over 430 million monthly active users across 3 million subreddits, making it a great place to grow your audience. However, it isn’t like other social media sites that are centered around individual profiles, such as Twitter or Instagram. Instead, Reddit is centered around communities in the form of subreddits. With this in mind, you’ll need to treat Reddit differently than you would Twitter or Instagram.

In this guide, we'll go over ways that you can be successful on Reddit. At a high level, those strategies are:

  1. Follow subreddit rules.
  2. Space out your posts.
  3. Use different titles and links.
  4. Engage with communities via comment replies.
  5. Discover new subreddits.

Follow Subreddit Rules

The first thing you should do before posting to a subreddit is read through its rules. You'll find the rules vary greatly amongst subreddits. For instance, some subreddits:

  1. Disallow or require certain words in titles.
  2. Disallow or require links to submitted from specific domains, such as imgur.com.
  3. Disallow emojis in titles.
  4. Disallow linking back to your other sites.
  5. Require verification before submitting.

Fortunately, Postpone makes following subreddit rules as easy as possible.

First, Postpone provides quick access to view subreddit rules while scheduling a post. Simply enter the subreddit you’d like to schedule to then click the View Rules button that is displayed above the field.

Second, Postpone validates your posts against a subreddit's post requirements before your posts are scheduled. This ensures that your posts meet as many requirements as possible and are much less likely to be removed by subreddit moderators. If your post is invalid for any reason we'll provide a popup and give you the chance to fix the issue before scheduling.

Space out Your Posts

Reddit doesn’t like it when too many posts are submitted at the exact same time. This can look spammy, and potentially result in your posts being removed or even your account being shadow banned or suspended.

To avoid this, be sure to space out all posts by at least 5-15 minutes, and only submit to each subreddit once per 24 hours.

Postpone provides a way for you to automatically space out your posts on the Schedule a Post page. Simply add all of the subreddits you’d like to submit to, pick the starting submission date and time, then hover over Submission Date. Click the Auto-space button and select which increment you’d like us to use to space out your posts. Postpone will automatically space out your posts by the increment you choose, such as every 15 minutes.

Use Different Titles and Links

Reddit can also consider submitting posts with the same title and link over and over to be spammy. You should be fine to use the same title and link 10 or more times, but if you use the same title or link 50 or more times then Reddit may remove some of the posts.

To avoid this issue, use different titles and links for your submissions.

Postpone allows you to override the title you submit to each subreddit submission. This title will be used when submitting to the subreddit instead of the main post title at the top of the page.

To override the title, click the More options… button and fill out the Title Override field.

Engage with Communities via Comment Replies

Reddit likes it when accounts not only submit content but also engage with communities. Reddit tracks how much comment karma you have in each subreddit. The more link karma you have in a particular subreddit the less likely your posts will be removed or rate limited in that subreddit.

After submitting your posts, be sure to reply to the comments left on your posts by other members of the subreddit. This will grow your comment karma and lead to Reddit valuing your account more highly.

Use Postpone's Inbox feature to quickly reply to comments from any of your Reddit accounts.

Discover New Subreddits

There are over 3 million subreddits, which is a daunting number! Fortunately, Postpone provides some useful ways to discover new subreddits you can submit to.

First, Postpone suggests relevant subreddits each time you schedule a post. These subreddits are suggested based on the other subreddits already on your post. This is a great way to quickly learn about new, niche subreddits that may be relevant to the content you submit.

Second, you can use Subreddit Discovery to search across millions of subreddits. Simply enter information about the type of content you submit then click Search. Postpone will provide relevant subreddits that match your search term.

Welcome to Postpone

You're now ready to grow your audience using Reddit and Postpone!

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