Connecting your Imgur account to Postpone

Connect your Imgur account to upload and pick Imgur images without leaving Postpone.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 9 months ago

Postpone supports connecting your account so that you can pick which images you'd like to submit to Reddit. Here's how to connect your Imgur account:

  • Navigate to Profile -> Connected Accounts
  • Scroll down and click the Connect Imgur Account button.
  • In the popup, log into your Imgur account then click the Allow button.
  • Wait a moment for Postpone to connect with Imgur, then you should see a success message.
Imgur's login process doesn't always work well when connecting accounts with third-parties like Postpone. If you run into issues attempting to login in the popup then instead log into your Imgur account in a separate browser tab and try the connection again.
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