Generating unique RedGIFs links with Fresh Links

Generate a unique RedGIFs link every time you submit content to a subreddit.
Written by Grant - Postpone Founder
Updated 1 month ago
Fresh Links is available to all users on a paid plan.

What is Fresh Links?

It's common for NSFW creators to host their content on RedGIFs and submit links to that hosted content to Reddit. But if you submit the same link multiple times, or to multiple subreddits, then moderators may end up removing your post.

Fresh Links is a Postpone feature that creates a unique RedGIFs link for every subreddit submission, ensuring that you never submit the same content multiple times.

Without Fresh Links, each Reddit post would use the same link:

But with Fresh Links, a new link is created for every subreddit:

Fresh Links Prerequisites

The following requirements must be met before you can use Fresh Links:

  1. Your Postpone account must be on a Postpone plan (subscribe here).
  2. Your RedGIFs account must be verified.
    1. This is a requirement from RedGIFs, not from Postpone.
    2. Get verified by following this link.
  3. You must set a Default Reddit Username for your RedGIFs account in Postpone.
    1. Only Reddit posts containing RedGIFs links submitted from this Reddit account will use Fresh Links.

How to enable Fresh Links

Fresh Links must be enabled per RedGIFs account. Here's how:

Fresh Links is now enabled for all RedGIFs links submitted from the corresponding Reddit user! It immediately applies to all current or future scheduled posts.

How Fresh Links Works

Fresh Links works by creating a RedGIFs Alias to your content. Aliases are quick ways to generate unique links in RedGIFs. All clicks and views on your alias links are attributed to the original content, so you can still track how well your content performed.

Postpone creates the alias link immediately before the post is submitted to Reddit, not when the post is first scheduled.

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