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What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform that allows users to share content and engage in discussions. It is a vast network of communities called subreddits, where each community is dedicated to a specific topic or interest.


Redditors: This term refers to Reddit users. Redditor usernames are prefixed with "u/", e.g. u/Postpone-Grant or u/thisisbillgates.

Karma: A points system that reflects how much each Redditor’s content and comments are appreciated by the community. You gain karma when your posts or comments receive upvotes. Reddit tracks post karma and comment karma separately.


Subreddit: A subreddit is a community within Reddit centered around a specific topic or theme. It starts with "r/" followed by the community's name, e.g. r/technology or r/AskReddit.

Moderators: Users who volunteer to oversee and manage subreddits. They enforce subreddit-specific rules, remove inappropriate content, and may even ban users if necessary.

Rules: Each subreddit may have its own set of rules that govern what kind of content can be posted and the behavior expected from members. These rules are usually listed in the sidebar of the subreddit. It’s essential to read and understand these rules before participating, as violating them can result in your post being removed or even being banned from the subreddit.

Post Requirements: Specific criteria that a post must meet to be accepted in a particular subreddit. For example, some subreddits have a minimum karma or account age requirement to make a post. Others may require that all posts have flairs, or that certain types of content (e.g., images, links) are not allowed.

Verification: Some subreddits require verification from Moderators before users can post. This is required in private subreddits.

Posts and Post Types

Post: Any content shared on a subreddit. There are four main types of posts:

  • Link Posts: Share an external link. This can be a link to a blog post, news article, Tweet, image, or more.
  • Text Posts (Self-posts): Contain only text. Used for asking questions, sharing stories, or sparking discussions.
  • Image/Video Posts: Share an image or video. Gallery posts are Image posts with up to 20 images. Videos cannot be included in gallery posts.
  • Poll Posts: Ask other Redditors a question and allow them to choose from up to 4 different answers.

Upvotes and Downvotes: Users can vote on posts and comments. An upvote means you think the content contributes positively, and a downvote means the opposite. The number of upvotes minus downvotes determines a post's score.

Crosspost: Sharing a post from one subreddit to another. It’s a way to share content across multiple relevant communities.

Flair: Tags that can be added to a post to provide additional context. Some subreddits require posts to have flairs.


Comments: Users can comment on posts to engage in discussions. Comments can also receive upvotes and downvotes.

Thread: A series of comments and replies related to a specific post.

Parent Comment: The first comment in reply to the original post.

Child Comment (or Reply): A comment that is a reply to another comment.

Other Terminology

Reddit Premium: A subscription service that offers an ad-free experience, monthly Reddit Coins, and access to premium features and communities.

AMA (Ask Me Anything): A Q&A style post where someone takes questions from the Reddit community. Often used by experts or celebrities to engage with the public.

Shadowban: When a user is secretly banned. They can still post and comment, but none of it is visible to other users.

Suspension (or Ban or Permaban): When a user is either temporarily or permanently banned from Reddit. They can no longer login, post, or comment.

Cake Day: The anniversary of the day you created your Reddit account.

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