Auto-removing Reddit posts

Learn how you can automatically remove your posts after submitting them to Reddit.
Written by Grant - Postpone Founder
Updated 1 year ago

With Postpone’s post auto-removal feature you can automate deleting your Reddit posts hours or days after they’re submitted. You can even remove posts only if they don’t meet a specific karma threshold. Here’s how!

Why Auto-Remove Posts?

Postpone’s Subreddit Analysis tools can be used to increase the chances of your posts succeeding on Reddit, however not every post will be a success. Some content creators prefer to delete Reddit posts that did not succeed, whether that means they received only 5 upvotes, no upvotes, or even downvotes.

How to Auto-Remove a Post

Here’s how you can auto-remove your Reddit posts via Postpone:

  1. Navigate to the Schedule a Post page.
  2. Fill out all of the fields, including a submission to a subreddit at a specific date and time.
  3. Expand the submission by clicking the "More options…" button.
  4. Select the toggle under "Auto-Remove Submission?" and change it to "Yes."
  5. Enter the number of hours or days later that the post should be removed.
  6. Add the minimum number of upvotes the post must have, otherwise it will trigger auto-removal.
    1. If you’d prefer to always remove the post regardless of upvotes then leave this field blank.
  7. Click the Schedule Post button.

That’s it! Your post will be automatically removed hours or days after it is successfully submitted. 🎉

Canceling Auto-Removal

Once your posts are submitted to Reddit they will be automatically removed based on your configuration — either hours or days later. You may later decide you don’t want the submission to be automatically removed. Here’s how you can cancel auto-removal:

  1. Head to the Submissions page.
  2. Navigate to the submission you don’t want to be removed.
  3. Click the "Cancel Removal" button in the right side of the row.

Auto-Removing Scheduled Posts by Default

If you’d prefer to auto-remove all scheduled posts, then you can configure that on the Settings Post Settings page:

  1. Head to Settings Post Settings
  2. Under "Auto-Remove Posts," check the “Auto-remove my posts” checkbox.
  3. Enter the number of hours or days later that the post should be removed.
  4. Toggle to either Always remove posts or "If they don’t meet a minimum karma threshold of…"
  5. Add the minimum number of upvotes the post must have, if required.
  6. Click the "Submit" button.

All posts scheduled from the Schedule a Post page starting when you change your default post settings will have these auto-removal settings enabled by default.

Auto-Removing From Bulk Import

You can also configure your posts to be automatically removed when Bulk Importing from a CSV. Here’s how:

First, fill out the remove_at column to indicate how many hours or days later your post should be removed. Postpone supports values such as:

  • 1h - remove the post 1 hour after it is submitted
  • 3h - remove the post 3 hours after it is submitted
  • 2d - remove the post 2 days after it is submitted
  • 7d - remove the post 7 days after it is submitted

You can also tell Postpone to only remove the post if it does not meet a minimum upvote threshold. Fill out the remove_min_upvotes column with the upvotes required. If the post has more upvotes then Postpone won’t remove it. This column is optional.

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