Performing Bulk Actions

Learn how you can change up to 100 scheduled Reddit posts at once.
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Updated 8 months ago

Bulk Actions allow you to change up to 100 scheduled Reddit posts at once. This can be especially useful when accidentally forgetting to include certain post options while scheduling, such as including a comment on your posts or enabling "crosspost to my profile."

Performing Bulk Actions

Here's how you can perform bulk actions on your scheduled Reddit posts:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. Choose the List view for the Reddit platform.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the scheduled posts you would like to change.
  4. Click the Bulk Actions button.
  5. Choose the action you'd like to perform on all of your scheduled posts.
  6. Fill out the form and click the submit button.

All of your selected posts will be updated at once.

Which Bulk Actions are Supported?

With Bulk Actions you can perform the following changes to your posts:

  1. Change a Reddit account from one to another.
  2. Space out submission times by a certain number of minutes or hours..
  3. Move submission day and time so that posts are submitted earlier or later.
  4. Change auto-removal settings.
  5. Change a comment.
  6. Change post options like Send Replies to Inbox, NSFW, or Spoiler.
  7. Crosspost to your profile.
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