Creating Unique Titles with Spintax

Learn how to use Spintax to generate hundreds of title variations for your posts.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
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What is Spintax?

Spintax is a short form of "Spin Syntax" and refers to a specific syntax used to describe variations of text, especially in the context of content generation. It's a simple way to create multiple variations of the same text, which can be useful for generating unique content and saving time.

Spintax text is made up of placeholders, which have an opening and closing curly bracket ( {} ) on either side. A pipe character ( | ) is used to separate each possible word in the placeholder.

For example, the spintax {Hello|Hi|Hey} there, how are you? will generate 3 possible variations of the same text:

  • Hello there, how are you?
  • Hi there, how are you?
  • Hey there, how are you?

Spintax text can contain multiple placeholders. The spintax {Hello|Hi}, I create {content|videos} will generate 4 possible variations:

  • Hello, I create content
  • Hello, I create videos
  • Hi, I create content
  • Hi, I create videos

The more placeholders you use the more possible variations will be generated. For instance, this simple spintax will generate 525 unique combinations!

{Hello|Hi|Hey|Howdy|Hola}, my name is {John|Jane|Jim|Grant|Erica|Rich|Ben}, and {I am a|my profession is|for a living I'm a} {teacher|doctor|engineer|scientist|lawyer}.

Using Spintax in Postpone

Postpone supports spintax while writing post titles on the Schedule a Post page and in Bulk Import.

By default, the spintax indicator is gray, showing that spintax is not detected:

When spintax is detected the indicator turns green:

Postpone will use your spintax text to generate a title for each submission on your post. You can see which title was generated by expanding the More options... button.

Here are two titles generated from the same spintax text:

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