Scheduling Crossposts

Schedule crossposts to any subreddit, even across accounts.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 9 months ago

Postpone supports scheduling and submitting crossposts, where a post in one subreddit is shared to another subreddit.

Scheduling Your First Crosspost

To schedule crossposts, head to the Schedule a Post page on Postpone. Enter the first subreddit you'd like the post to be submitted to.

Next, click the Crosspost button under the first submission. This will create a crosspost that is scheduled to submit 15 minutes after the first submission.

Your crosspost can now be scheduled to submit any time after its parent submission.

Each scheduled post can be crossposted to 1 or more subreddits, however crossposts are optional. If you'd like to submit posts individually then continue to use the Submit to Another Subreddit button.

Crossposting Across Accounts

Crossposts can be submitted by any Reddit account connected to Postpone. Here's how:

  1. Click on More options... under the crosspost to expand other submission options.
  2. Select a different account on the Reddit Account field.

If you leave the Reddit Account field blank, then the primary account on the post will be used to submit the crosspost.

Crossposting to your Profile

Postpone also supports automatic profile crossposts, where a post is immediately crossposted to your Reddit profile after it is submitted.

Automatic profile crossposts do not count against your monthly post limit.

To automatically crosspost to your profile, click More options... under the submission you'd like to crosspost. Then select the toggle under Crosspost to /u/name's profile?

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