Scheduling TikTok Videos

Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 5 months ago

With Postpone, you can schedule TikTok videos in advance so that your content continuously appears in your follower's feeds.

Here's how you can schedule a TikTok video post with Postpone:

  1. Click the TikTok Create a Post button:
  2. Click Drag & Drop files to choose from the Content Library, or drag and drop your images or videos onto Drag & Drop files.
    1. The preview will display a preview of what your post will look like.

  1. Choose who can view your video:
    1. Public
    2. Friends
    4. Private
  2. Choose the actions other users can take on your video:
    1. Comment
    2. Duet
    3. Stitch
  3. Choose the Scheduled Date and Time you'd like your post to be submitted.
  4. Disclose whether your video promotes a brand, product, or service.
  5. Click Schedule Post

Your TikTok video post is now scheduled! It will be submitted from your account at the scheduled date and time.

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