Scheduling YouTube Shorts

Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 1 month ago

With Postpone, you can schedule YouTube Shorts in advance so that your content continuously appears in your follower's feeds.

Here's how you can schedule a YouTube Shorts post with Postpone:

  1. Click the YouTube Create a Post button:
    1. Click Drag & Drop files to choose from the Content Library, or drag and drop your images or videos onto Drag & Drop files.
      1. The preview will display a preview of what your post will look like.

    1. Enter a Title. This field is required.
      1. Tip: Include the hashtag #Shorts in your title or description to improve your Shorts visibility on YouTube.
    2. Enter a Description. This field is optional
    3. Choose the Scheduled Date and Time you'd like your post to be submitted.
    4. Indicate whether the video is made for kids or not.
      1. To determine if your content is made for kids, please read YouTube's help documentation.
    5. Click Schedule Short

    Your YouTube Short is now scheduled! It will be submitted to your channel at the scheduled date and time.

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