Using the AI Assistant (beta) with Reddit

Learn how you can use Postpone's new AI Assistant to create Reddit post titles.
Written by Grant, Creator of Postpone
Updated 4 months ago

The Postpone AI Assistant can be used to help you write engaging Reddit post titles. In this article you'll learn how to get the most out of the AI Assistant.

AI Assistant is currently in early access beta and will have some quirks as we continue to improve it over time.

Getting Started with AI Assistant

AI Assistant lives in the Reddit post title bar on the Schedule a Reddit Post page.

AI Assistant knows how to perform the following tasks:

  • Generate title ideas from a description of your content.
  • Rewrite existing titles to create alternatives.
  • Make titles longer or shorter to fit within subreddit rules.
  • Fix the grammar or spelling of your titles.
  • Translate your titles to English.

Generating Titles with AI Assistant

AI Assistant has two primary actions to generate new post title ideas:

  • Generate ideas, which will create title ideas from a description of your content.
  • Rewrite title, which will create title ideas from an existing title to create alternatives.

If you don't yet have a title and would like some ideas to use then we recommend using Generate Ideas.

If you do already have a title and want some alternative options then we recommend using Rewrite Title.

Using Generate Ideas

Use the Generate Ideas action to create title ideas based on a description of your content. Once you find a title you like, simply click on it to use it.

✅ For example, this screenshot shows some title ideas created by describing the content of an image post:

✅ In this example, we describe a link to a blog post about a specific topic:

❌ In this example, the prompt is not very specific, leading to less useful results.

Using Rewrite Title

Use the Rewrite Title action to create title ideas based on an existing title. This is useful to create alternative ideas from existing posts where you already have a title. Once you find a title you like, simply click on it to use it.

✅ For example, this screenshot shows some new title ideas created from a title that has already been written:

AI Assistant Tips

  1. Make your prompts longer and more descriptive. AI Assistant works best when it has more understanding of what you are posting.
  2. Try generating multiple times. Each time you generate titles you will get new results. If you don't like the results you get then generate a fresh set to see if the results improve. Or try adding more context to your prompt, then regenerate.
  3. Enable the "Submits NSFW Content" toggle under Settings if you submit NSFW content to Reddit. This will influence the results you receive when generating titles.
  4. Always check the results before posting. AI Assistant can make mistakes or generate misleading information. Always double-check the generated titles before posting them, and don't hesitate to make small tweaks and corrections to make them even better.
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