Grouping Subreddits with Labels

Group your subreddits into categories using labels.
Written by Grant - Postpone Founder
Updated 1 year ago

Using Postpone makes it simple to submit posts to dozens or even hundreds of relevant subreddits. When submitting posts to that many subreddits it can be easy to lose track of which are best. Fortunately, Postpone makes grouping subreddits into categories simple using labels.

How to Label Your Subreddits

To label your subreddits, first head to the Subreddit Manager in Postpone. Next, add some subreddits you're like to keep track of. Postpone will automatically add any subreddits you submit posts to, but you can also add subreddits via the "Add Subreddits" button in the top-right corner.

Next, click on a subreddit you'd like to label. This will take you to the Subreddit overview page, which includes tabs like Overview, Analysis, Scheduled, and Analytics.

Click inside the Label field to add a label. Type a label name and hit the Enter key. This will add the label to the subreddit.

Finally, click the colored circle next to the label name and pick a color that best represents the label. This color makes it easier to scan your labels and find matching subreddits.

Scheduling Posts Using Labels

You now have the ability to schedule posts to all subreddits with the same label. To do do, head to the Schedule a Post page.

Next, click the "Use a Label" dropdown along the top. From here you can choose either all Favorite subreddits or any of your custom labels. Choose one of your custom labels and Postpone will automatically add a submission to each subreddit with that label.

Suggested Subreddit Labels

Here are some labels we recommend considering to categorize your subreddits.

  • Group subreddits by categories of your content
    • People
    • Landscapes
    • Pets
  • Group subreddits by how often they allow submissions
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
  • Differentiate between subreddits that allow promoting and those that don't
    • Promo
    • No Promos
  • Label subreddits that you should avoid for various reasons
    • Banned
    • Unfriendly
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