Subreddit Schedules

Learn how to set up custom schedules for each subreddit to automate your scheduling.
Written by Grant - Postpone Founder
Updated 1 year ago

With the Subreddit Manager you can create custom schedules for all of the subreddits you submit posts to. After configuring a schedule, Postpone will pick the next available date and time whenever you schedule a post to that subreddit. This comes with a few benefits:

  1. You no longer need to memorize when to submit posts to each subreddit. Instead, you can configure your subreddit schedules once and let Postpone pick the next available time whenever scheduling posts.
  2. Scheduling posts becomes faster, as you no longer need to pick the date and time yourself. Postpone will do it for you.

How to create subreddit schedules

First, navigate to the Subreddit Manager and select the subreddit you'd like to add a schedule for. Then select the Custom Schedule tab for that subreddit.

If the subreddit isn't being tracked in Subreddit Manager yet then check out this Help Document to learn how to add the subreddit.

Click the plus button to add a day of the week and time to your schedule. You can also add Subreddit Analysis recommended days and times or use shortcuts to add common schedules such as every weekday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

After setting up your schedule click the Save Schedule button.

Using subreddit schedules

You can now use your subreddit schedule when scheduling a post.

Navigate to the Schedule a Post page. Then enter the subreddit you created a schedule for:

Postpone will automatically pick the next available day and time for that subreddit. To confirm, the Submission Date field will display the text "Date and time auto-scheduled." You can even click on the Submission Date to see all of the upcoming schedule dates:

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