Which IP address does Postpone use to submit my posts?

Learn how Postpone submits posts from a pool of millions of IPs.
Written by Grant - Postpone Founder
Updated 11 months ago
If you'd prefer to use your own IP address then check out the article on Custom IP Proxies.

What are IP Addresses?

When you submit posts to Reddit on your computer or mobile device Reddit sees your post as coming from a specific IP address. This is like a home address; your home address identifies your physical location in the world, and an IP address identifies your device's location on the Internet.

Like a home address, your IP address can change over time. You can even hide your IP address from the outside world by tunneling your Internet traffic through a VPN (virtual private network). Websites will receive the IP address of the VPN device rather than your device.

IP addresses comes in a format like

Here's a representation of how submitting a post from your device over the Internet uses the IP address assigned to your device:

How Postpone Handles IPs

Postpone submits all Reddit posts, comments, and direct messages from our servers. When submitting your content, we proxy traffic through a pool of servers which each have their own IP addresses. Postpone has access to over 7 million IP addresses. Each submission picks a new, random IP address. The proxy servers are all located in the U.S.

If you're prefer to use your own proxies then check out the article Custom IP Proxies to add your own proxy to Postpone.

Here's a representation of how submitting a post from Postpone is proxied through servers before going over the Internet. Reddit then sees the IP address of the proxy server:

Submitting posts through IP proxies helps ensure that your posts are not rate limited due to IP address, which protects your account.

Posts can still be rate limited by a number of other factors, such as account age or karma. Learn more by reading our article on Reddit rate limits.
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