3) Scheduling Your First Post

Written by Grant - Postpone Founder
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Prefer watching a video? Check out Scheduling Reddit Posts using Postpone on our YouTube channel.

Now that you’re signed up for Postpone it’s time to schedule your first social media post. 🚀

If you don't have a social account connected yet, then please connect a social account from Settings > Connected Accounts.

Click the Create a Post button in the top left corner. This button will be visible from any page in Postpone, so you’re always one click away from scheduling posts.

The Create a Post button might look different depending on which social accounts you have connected.

This will take you to the Schedule a Post page. Let’s fill it out!

Creating your Post

Postpone supports a number of social media platforms, such as Reddit, X/Twitter, Instagram, and more.

The Create a Post page looks a little different for each one, but they all function similarly. There are just a few steps each:

  1. Choose the social account your post will be submitted from.
  2. Enter the content you would like to submit. This can include text, images, videos, GIFs, polls, and more.
  3. Choose the dates and times you would like your post to be submitted.

For Reddit, you can also enter the subreddits you would like your post to be submitted to. Each post in Postpone can be submitted to up to 100 subreddits at different times.

Once you've completed each step, simply click the Schedule Post button, or save your post as a Draft to be scheduled later.

Viewing Submitted Posts

Postpone will submit your scheduled post at the date and time they are scheduled for.

After your posts are submitted you will find them on the History page. From here you can perform actions on each post, such as:

  1. View the live post on its platform.
  2. Remove the post.
  3. Reschedule the post.

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